Candy Yakimo

Patricia “Candy” Yakimo is Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for Argus Health Systems, Inc.  In that role, she oversees the development, implementation, and oversight of the company’s healthcare regulatory compliance programs. She is also responsible for various areas related to risk mitigation and monitoring, including business continuity, contracts administration, and operational audit.

A member of the Argus leadership team for more than 17 years, Ms. Yakimo has been a key driver in the company’s efforts to meet the needs of a changing healthcare marketplace. During her time with Argus, she has been the executive sponsor for a number of strategic initiatives, including Y2K, HIPAA, and Medicare Part D programs. In previous roles, Ms. Yakimo oversaw Argus’ CMS Program Office and was a member of the HR Leadership team.

Ms. Yakimo is currently a member of the Health Care Compliance Association, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), and a non-attorney member of the American Health Lawyers Association.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she earned a BA in Mathematics, Ms. Yakimo earned her MBA from the University of Missouri, Kansas City Bloch School of Management. She currently serves on the UMKC Bloch School Advisory Council.

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