AJ Ally, VP of Clinical Programs at Argus Health
Wednesday, March 8th 11-12:00

Discover how to achieve value in the management of chronic HCV infection, one of the most complex challenges facing health plans today. The balancing act between treating to cure and cost-effective management has led to a unique healthcare dilemma. Increased value in treatment can be assisted with a strategic focus on identifying and eliminating waste. Because chronic HCV infection therapies are expensive, any waste occurring during treatment results in a rapid increase in overall cost, and presents an opportunity for efficiencies. Improved efficiencies in the management of hepatitis C with a resultant decrease in waste can be assisted by using a Center of Excellence model to coordinate efforts of physicians, pharmacists and patients. Each plays an important role in reducing waste, and thus increasing value in the management of chronic HCV infection. With the right approach, health plans can align the best financial outcomes (less waste) with the best clinical outcomes (the highest cure rates).

This session has been accredited for CE credit.