The pharmacy benefit market is changing dramatically because of industry consolidation, specializations, and increased health expectations introduced in the Affordable Care Act. All of these create a need for a new model that delivers cost-effective, flexible, and transparent solutions aligned with evidence-based medicine and optimized outcomes for the payers, providers, and consumers.

Health plans must have the ability to deploy holistic solutions that maximize value through optimized outcomes along with effective cost management. This helps ensure that the most appropriate therapy is delivered in a safe and cost-effective way to optimize the clinical benefit for the consumer.

Our Solutions

Argus helps payers, providers, and pharmacy benefit managers identify and target intervention strategies that optimize outcomes for individuals across the entire health continuum. Specifically, we deliver proven expertise to manage increasing complexities in government health programs, possess the critical claims mass to identify and manage consumer risk trend, and contract with best-in-class providers in specialty drugs, rebates, and network. We provide all this with a broad team of industry leading talent. As a result, we can address the following opportunities for our clients:

  • Effective quality programs to help maximize federal incentives
  • Reduction of waste in pharmacy and medical drug benefit spend
  • Proactive identification and personalized management of expensive, complex chronic conditions

What Makes Us Different

The Argus Strategy provides the market not only something new, but something above and beyond traditional models that have focused more narrowly on cost shifting to manage pharmacy costs.

We believe that through the convergence of our core pharmacy competencies with our healthcare management solutions and creation of strategic alliances, we are positioned to redefine what pharmacy solutions can be. As a result, we are positioned to deliver not only traditional cost pharmacy management today, but also drive greater value with convergent solutions the market needs for tomorrow.