Discount Drug Card Program

Are you and your members getting the most out of your Drug Discount Card (DDC) program?

There’s no reason not to be. And it is possible to satisfy members and improve your bottom line. Once you unravel the complexities of what network to use, identify optimum access to cost-effective prescription drugs and retail outlets for members, and determine how to increase utilization—managing a Drug Discount Card program becomes simple—if you know who to partner with. Argus can make the complex simple—with expertise in providing pharmacy programs, knowledge of the pharmacy services industry, and ownership of all pharmacy competencies—making us unique in the drug discount card industry. And it’s what makes us the right choice to manage the complexity of a DDC program—by making it simple to use.

Argus has developed an array of flexible administrative and management tools to success­fully position and administer a DDC program. When members use your Drug Discount Card to purchase their prescriptions, they will be allowed access to the Argus National Pharmacy Network that provides significant discounts, with applicable MAC pricing applied for generics. Members will always receive the lowest price at the contracted pharmacy. We believe Drug Discount Card programs are meant to give the best access and discount possible to members and their families.