Call Center

Argus Health takes pride in providing world-class customer service. Whether it’s a question about member coverage or pharmacy networks, we understand the importance of having accurate information available around the clock.

We supply a friendly and knowledgeable team for your pharmacy and member calls 24/7/365, with web-based tools for call routing. Our associates are actively recruited, trained, and coached to have the subject matter expertise required to quickly respond in areas such as claims adjudication, plan benefits, pharmacy reconciliations, and paper claims processing.

With staffing in several locations, we have the flexibility to meet any volume level, response times to meet your call center goals, and can ensure call center availability compliance requirements.

Customers can maintain control of pharmacy services provided by the pharmacy call center on their behalf by specifying responses for individual benefit plan needs. With each call to the pharmacy call center, information is funneled into reports and analysis is available to customers to help them manage the effectiveness of a plan’s pharmacy benefits.