Member Access

Argus Provides the Technology for Your Customized Member Access Site

You decide what you want your members to see, using your branding and terminology. The member experience is seamless, with single sign-on at your website and access into Argus web content and functionality. We also have an optional proprietary security application using your loaded member eligibility to authenticate a member into the system.

Information that is visible to your members is configurable at your discretion and there are a variety of components from which to choose including claim search, drug pricing, and information and benefit coverage phases including deductible accumulators. Members can search in-network pharmacies by closest proximity or ZIP code and receive driving directions, maps, and all pharmacy details. The member can price a drug at up to five pharmacies including the last pharmacy visited and mail order and specialty pharmacies. The drug pricing component prices the drug at all pharmacies chosen and automatically includes the generic drug if available. The real-time drug pricing feature means that members can check the price of drugs and receive true results that reflect their pharmacy benefit.

The portal provides an accurate view of member pharmacy claims with the ability to see pharmacy details, price drugs, and look up additional drug information. The drug information component allows a member to search drugs and view the image of the drug, strengths and doses, OTC and generic equivalents, side effects, precautions, and warnings. The member can also select several drugs to check for drug interactions.

The Argus-hosted member portal is designed to facilitate a member’s access to their pharmacy data and can be deployed as a stand-alone application or through the health plan’s website.