Pharmacy Network Solutions

Is your pharmacy network delivering on quality and cost?

It should be. Quality of care and cost-effective prescriptions are not mutually exclusive—together they represent the two most significant and complex components of a successful pharmacy network. Addressing the importance of delivering a high level of care and containing costs simultaneously takes the complexity out of pharmacy network management. It puts you in control by allowing you to design an easy-to-use solution.

But implementing an optimal pharmacy network can’t be done with a one-size-fits-all solution. It has to be flexible. It has to offer multiple network options. It has to deliver optimal care, a market-competitive pricing model, and broad, national coverage. It has to be specifically customized to your needs. Let us simplify your experience.

Multiple Networks—One Simple Solution

Argus provides national retail pharmacy network services and management at competitive rates transparent to our health plan customer. National network services include over 67,000 retail pharmacies, including all major chains and approximately 20,000 independents. Argus also offers Preferred and Exclusive narrow networks to assist health plans in controlling costs. As a result of operating independently from pharmacy mail order facilities and drug manufacturers, Argus is able to contract with the most competent pharmacy partners in the industry for highly competitive retail rates.

Argus works closely with our customers to determine the network strategy best suited to provide members optimal access while also managing cost effectively—helping our customers build networks that meet their needs. Argus has the ability to support multiple pharmacy networks per business segment by using a combination of layered local or national networks or customer-specific networks.