Specialty Drug Management

The specialty pharmaceutical market has experienced significant growth in recent years as complex chronic conditions, care coordination, technology-enabled patient care, biotechnology research, and outcomes-based healthcare have increased in focus. The total specialty pharmaceutical market is projected to be valued at $132 billion in 2016. While specialty drugs bring great therapeutic potential for conditions with limited treatment options, the cost of these therapies are rapidly increasing. Payers and providers are challenged to seek new and better strategies that provide cost-efficient, high quality care for members receiving these critically important therapies.

Argus offers a unique set of specialty drug management tools and services to help health plans manage quality of care and optimize spending. We offer a patient-centric approach to lower healthcare cost while providing choice and access to members. Our online outcomes analytics tool provides the ability to measure and gain unique insights with clinical, financial, and operational metrics on specialty drug spending and use.

Medical Drug Benefit

Find new opportunities to improve quality of care and reduce revenue loss with our unique comprehensive strategy for managing drugs covered under the medical benefit, including editing and repricing the claim, site of care management, and medical rebates.

We collaborate with health plans to develop a customized medical drug management strategy to meet the unique needs and goals of each health plan. Analytics and reports enable heath plans to develop strategies for interventions, take action, and measure success.

Site-of-care Strategies

Our solution focuses on key therapies shown to have the greatest potential for clinical and financial outcome improvement. We leverage our specialty pharmacy using dedicated clinicians to assess and redirect members to lower cost site-of-care.

Specialty Pharmacy Benefit

Argus Health’s Specialty Pharmacy Benefit program offers a unique and integrated approach to specialty pharmacy management. Each disease state has a dedicated list of clinical and administrative staff that applies a customized protocol to manage the disease, drug therapy, and patient needs. Our program offers patient assessments and scheduled interventions to drive adherence, identify and prevent adverse events, and ensure medical follow-up as appropriate.

We customize the pharmacy network and solution to meet our customer’s requirements. To support Medicare and average wholesale price (AWP) state requirements, we offer a central clinical management model with an integrated retail network to offer patient convenience and retail pickup and access. As an independent provider of pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) services, we can offer unmatched flexibility to quickly respond to the needs of our customers including offering private-label specialty programs.